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Professional Skin Care

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Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Active Mattifying Cleanser, 4.2 fl. oz.

2% Salicylic acid helps eradicate acne-causing bacteria and removes excess pore-clogging oilPapaya extract and lactic acid provide additional exfoliation benefits to give skin breathing roomVitamin b5 conditions and moisturizes, while easing redness and irritationGinseng helps boost skin firming collagen, while detoxifying and purifyingHelps dramatically and visibly reduce redness and inflammation..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Active Mattifying Tonic, 6.7 fl. oz.

Hyaluronic acid attracts and binds moisture to skin, soothing irritation, redness and drynessA rare species of willow herb helps to shrink the appearance of pore-size while absorbing excess oilLavender essence soothes, calms and tonesLentil seed extract works to tighten enlarged pores, while helping to reduce excess sebum productionAnd reinforcing pore walls to prevent them from stretching out in the first place..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories AHA Resurfacing Lotion 20, 1.7 fl. oz.

20% glycolic acid supports healthy cell turnover, while shedding dead skin to reduce poresHyaluronic acid and jojoba help diminish the appearance of lines and wrinklesGreen tea and vitamin e soften and moisturize, while improving elasticityFruit acids complex enhances cell turnover, shed dead skin and boost elasticityIdeal for the face, neck, chest, hands and body and extra rough or dark spots such as elbows..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories AHA Resurfacing Lotion 8, 1.7 fl. oz.

8% glycolic acid promotes healthy cell renewal, while shedding dead skin cell for smaller poresHyaluronic acid helps soften the appearance of fine linesGreen tea and vitamin e help keep skin smooth and supple, while improving elasticityJojoba and emollients soften and soothe dry skin while helping to lock in protective moistureShea butter, chamomile, and aloe soothe, soften and calm irritation..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Alpha Beta Gel Toner, 6.7 fl. oz.

Glycolic and salicylic acids work overtime to unclog pores and address existing blemishesSpecial polymers lock moisture into skin to help prevent dryness and irritationVitamins a and e help keep skin soft and supple, while providing antioxidant protection to defend agChamomile and licorice root extracts quiet inflammation and help to fade acne scarringGreen tea extract provides further antioxidant protection, while helping to minimize signs of aging..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Antioxidant Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30, 3.4 fl. oz.

Zinc oxide reflects, absorbs and scatters UVA/UVB light to help invisibly protect skin from the sunChamomile appeases inflammation and irritationArgan nut oil minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinklesVitamin e provides antioxidant protection against free radicalsWater resistant formula (80 minutes)..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories B Prox Anti-Blemish Wash, 6.7 fl. oz.

10% benzoyl peroxide helps eliminate acne-causing bacteria while freeing pores from dead skinDetoxifying mineral-rich clays work to absorb over-abundant oil and refine pore sizeAdvanced algae complex helps diminish the sensitivity that often accompanies acne treatmentsCanadian willow herb helps visibly and dramatically reduce redness and soothe irritationSelect plant extracts to minimize pore size and alleviate excess oil..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Balancing Cleanser, 6.7 fl. oz.

Bromelain and pineapple enzymes gently exfoliate helping to create a clearer, softer, smoother skinSoftens and comforts with soybean and oatmealSoothes irritation and helps prevent further discomfort with chamomile, oatmeal and aloe VeraDramatically boosts hydration with vitamin E, while helping to improve elasticity and softnessHelps safeguard skin from free radical damage with green tea extract..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories C Scape Enzymatic Gel Cleanser, 6.7 fl. oz.

Natural enzyme and fruit acid complex enhance cell turnover and lift dead surface cellsUnclogs pores and brilliantly refines to create softer smoother, more even-toned complexionVitamin C provides antioxidant protection and helps even toneVitamin B5 conditions and moisturizes while reducing redness and irritationGreen tea extract helps fend off free radical damage while helping to ease signs of aging..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories C Scape High Potency Body Lotion

L ascorbic acid works over time to ease discolorations creating a more uniform and radiant toneExclusive silanol technology further stimulates collagen synthesisLactic acid and a sugar/fruit acid complex enhance cell turnover & lift dead surface cellsVitamin b5 conditions and hydrates, while easing redness and inflammationShea butter and jojoba oil deliver an added dose of comforting moisture, while improving firmness..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories C Scape High Potency Eye Treatment, 0.5 fl. oz.

Vitamin C complex works to lighten dark circles, help boost collagen synthesis to firm collagenVitamin B5 conditions and moisturizes relieving redness and irritationHyaluronic acid and sugar cane maize help to soften and smooth skinCaffeine appeases inflammation and improves circulation to further decrease puffiness and rednessFortifying algae complex helps to strengthen skin and improve elasticity..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories C Scape Night Booster, 1 fl. oz.

A 30% concentration of l ascorbic acid works over time to even out skin toneVitamin C complex enhances collagen help firm skin and reduce fine line and wrinklesActive antioxidants fend off free radical damageEssential fatty acids help strengthen skin and provide antioxidant protection with Q10Essential oils calm and quiet irritation..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Clear Skin Anti-Blemish Hydrator, 1.7 fl. oz.

2% salicylic acid helps eradicate acne-causing bacteria and remove excess pore-clogging oilLactic acid liberates skin from potentially pore-plugging and complexion-dulling dry &dead skin cellNatural anti-irritants, including kola nut, chamomile and aloe Vera further reduce rednessInnovative form of antioxidant vitamin C helps lighten breakout-induced hyperpigmentationHyaluronic acid attracts moisture into skin and helps keep it there, creating firmer and dewy skin..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Essential Skin Protection SPF 30, 3.4 fl. oz.

Provides strong, water-resistant (80 minutes) UVA/UVB sun protectionCalms and quiets irritation with allantoin and aloe veraConditions, hydrates and dramatically reduces redness and inflammation with vitamin b5 & willow herbProfoundly hydrates with shea butter and aloe veraHelps create a more uniform and luminous skin tone and texture..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Express Waterless Makeup Remover, 5.1 fl. oz.

Magically removes all makeup, including waterproof formulas, without waterNon-drying yet oil-free formulation leaves skin completely clean and residue-freeSafe and soothing for sensitive skin and contact lens wearersHyaluronic acid binds moisture into skin to create a softer, suppler complexionCalms the inflammation that can result from breakouts with B5..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories G10 Radiance Peel, 50 Count

10% glycolic acid frees skin from dry, dead cells to clear pores, making them look smallerPre-moistened pad also physically exfoliates to further buff away rough patchesCreates softer, suppler skin with a more even tone and refined textureUncovers a fresh luminosityHelps maintain and extend the results of in-office professional chemical peels..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories G20 Radiance Peel, 50 Count

20% glycolic acid diligently dissolves dry, dead cells to significantly smooth and resurface skinPre-moistened pad also physically exfoliates to further buff away rough patchesHelps fade hyperpigmentation and the signs of sun damage for a more even tonereduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinklesHelps maintain and extend the results of in-office professional chemical peels..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Holiday Gift Set, 2 fl. oz.

A beautifully balanced cleanser carefully formulated for sensitive skin to gently remove surface impurities without stripping skin of its crucial natural oilsA multi-faceted moisturizing cream for dry skin and mature skin. Infused with a highly effective, non irritating vitamin A polypeptide derivative that works over time to smooth rough, dry skin.A detoxifying deep cleaning volcanic mask that intensely treats breakouts, loosens blackheads and puts over abundant oil in check with natural clays,..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Hydra Boost Finishing Serum, 1 fl. oz.

Three forms of nourishing hyaluronic acid powerfully rejuvenate skinHa complex firms and plumps up skin to help reduce the look of lines and wrinklesInnovative complex derived from sugar cane and maize smoothes, softens and prevents dehydrationVitamin B5 and chamomile further assuage redness, while helping to thwart future irritationExtraordinary protection from environmental stressors when layered over our skin renewal complex..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Hydro Lipid Body Emulsion, 4 fl. oz.

Creates an imperceptible protective film on skin to lock moisture in, irritation outHyaluronic acid and plant extracts improve skins natural ability to retain moistureGrapeseed, ceramides and sugar complexes help strengthen the protective moisture barrierInnovative complex derived from sugar cane and maize softens and smoothensAvocado and argan nut oil to restore and reinforce the skin's hydro-lipid barrier providing softness..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Intensive Itch Relief Lotion, 1.7 fl. oz.

Provides lasting relief on contact without steroidsInstantly eases itching with proven skin soothers, menthol and camphorGreen tea and chamomile aid to reduce irritation and inflammationShea butter, jojoba, mimosa and sunflower enhance water retention to reinforce hydrationSodium hyaluronate boosts moisture for soft supple appearance..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Multi-Action Penta Peel, 50 Count

Proprietary blend of 5 naturally derived acids work to refine and revive skin in just 5 minutesMandelic acid lifts dead surface cells to profoundly perfect and polish skinLastic acid softens and smooths skin helps spur collagen production to enhance elasticitySalicylic acid provides anti-bacterial benefits and decongests pores to make them look smallerHyaluronic acid intensively moisturizes while reducing redness and irritation for a dewy glow..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Peptide Plus Cream, 1.7 fl. oz.

Moisture rich cream powered by 7 multi-functional peptides enhance collagen productionDecreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves elasticity and firmnessHelps reduce the size and intensity of dark spotsAntioxidant vitamins A & E boost elasticity, fend off environmental attacks & erase signs of agingVitamin C-derivative brightens skin while enhancing firm skin and reduce melanin formation..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Peptide Plus Eye Treatment, 0.5 fl. oz.

Concentrated peptide complex helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles and fade dark circlesInnovative complex derived from sugar cane and maize softens and smooths skinSqualene and ceramides help seal hydration into skin, while preventing damage from stress and agingAdvanced vitamin C -derivative provides additional decreasing in dark circle and puffiness..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Peptide Plus Hand Cream, 1.7 fl. oz.

Concentrated peptide complex helps boost collagen production and firm skinKombuchka works to even out skintone and smooth rough edgesHyaluronic acid and plant extracts improve skins natural ability to retain moisturePhytic acid brightens skin, minimizes the look of discolorations and helps prevent sun damageAdvanced amino acids improve elasticity..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Profoundly Effective A Cream SPF 30, 1.7 fl. oz.

Vitamin A polypeptide derivative addresses all signs of aging while reducing fine lines and wrinklesAdvanced brighteners even out skin tone for more uniform and luminous complexion.Innovative complex derived from sugar cane and maize smoothes, softens, and prevent dehydration.Antioxidant Green Tea and Vitamin E moisturize and fend off free radical damage.Provides strong UVA/UVB sun protection...


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Sa Scalp Therapy Shampoo, 10.1 fl. oz.

Salicylic acid eliminates flakes and sebum build-up by enhancing cell turnover to shed dead cellsVitamin B5 conditions and moisturizes, leaving hair healthy-looking and easy to styleAllantoin calms inflammation and soothes irritationEssential oils provide additional anti-bacterial and oil controlling benefitsIdeal for treating acne in the hairline, back and chest..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Skin Brightening Complexion Treatment, 1 fl. oz.

A complex of 8 peptides help lighten appearance of existing dark patchesSalicylic acid and fruit acid complex enhance cell turnover lifting off dead surface cellsSoothing marine extracts fend off free radical and UV damage while strengthening skinAdvanced algae complex inhibit production tyrosine, the enzyme responsible for creating dark spots..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Skin Freshener, 6.7 fl. oz.

Non-drying formulation revives and restores without alcoholProvides a surge of hydration with hyaluronic acidInnovative complex derived from sugar cane and maize softens and smoothesRemoves makeup residue and impurities, leaving skin perfectly clean, smooth and suppleExcellent for rejuvenating and refreshing skin after exercise..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Skin Renewal Complex SPF 30

10% glycolic acid enhances cell renewal to free skin from complexion-dulling dry dead skin cellsAdvanced actives refine texture and create beautifully clearer skin and tighter looking poresGreen tea extract neutralizes skin-damaging free radicalsWillow herb and licorice extract ease irritation and reduce rednessVitamin B5 helps create softer, firmer skin, while reinforcing protective moisture barrier..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Spot Therapy, 0.5 fl. oz.

2% salicylic acid helps eradicate acne-causing bacteria and remove excess pore-clogging oilLactic acid liberates skin from potentially pore-plugging and pimple-causing dry, dead skin cellsWitch hazel and lavender essence comfort, calm and serve as natural astringentslicorice extract helps lighten the appearance of acne-induced scarring and hyperpigmentationHyaluronic acid and an innovative complex derived from sugar cane and maize soften and smooth..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Strengthening Conditioner, 10.1 fl. oz.

Ceramide-2 fills in any weakened areas of hair for added support and strength.Innovative Polymers act like an ingenious imperceptible film to lock in moistureCoconut water attracts and seals in moisture, soothes irritation and drenches dryness.Amino Acids promote softness and pliability.Dermtologic Cosmetic Laboratories..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Strengthening Shampoo, 10.1 fl. oz.

Ceramide-2 fills in any weakened areas of hair for added support and strengthVitamin B5 conditions and fortifies all hair types, including dry, damaged and brittleWheat proteins lightly and invisibly coat the hair shaft, allowing smoother hairJojoba oil moisturizes and softensTargeted peptides balance moisture to help control frizz, while maintaining beautiful body..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Super Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50, 2.5 fl. oz.

Provides extraordinary spf 50 uvb protection to help prevent sun-induced dna damageScatters, absorbs and deflects uva light with ultra-micronized zinc oxide (105%)Helps promote a more uniform skintone with an innovative form of antioxidant vitamin cProvides strong antioxidant protection with coenzyme q10 and grapeseedSodium hyaluronate boosts moisture and binds water to maintain hydration..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories T Shampoo for Hair & Body, 10.1 fl. oz.

Coal tar solution regulates the rapid cellular growth that can cause psoriasis and eczemaAdvanced proteins help balance moisture to soften skin and control frizz in the hairInnovative polymers act like an ingenious imperceptible film to lock moisture in the hair shaftEucalyptus and tea tree oil effectively appease irritation, while serving as anti-bacterial agentsVitamin B5 provides long-term moisturization and conditioning benefits..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Tar Therapy Treatment Oil, 4 fl. oz.

Coal tar regulates the rapid cellular growth that's responsible for eczema and psoriasisSqualene and evening primrose deeply moisturize and condition skinLavender and borage oil calm and comfort irritation and inflammationVitamin b5 conditions and moisturizes, while delivering further soothing benefitsCeramides act like an ingenious imperceptible film on skin to lock in moisture..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Ultra Comfort Cleanser

Non-drying creamy cleanser leaves skin smooth, clean and suppleProvides long-term soothing, while moisturizing, softening and helping to prevent dehydrationEases inflammation and helps fend off future irritation with chamomile and aloe VeraVitamin B5 and willow herb further help to relieve redness and discomfortSuperbly soothing for dry, mature or sensitive skin, including those with rosacea, psoriasis & eczema..


Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Ultra-Comfort Cream, 1.7 fl. oz.

Coconut, aloe vera and allantoin deeply soothe inflammation, while to preventing future discomfortHyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and plant extracts powerfully moisturize and calmSeaweed extracts and vitamin e help firm skin and boost elasticitySunflower seed wax and essential fatty acids intensely moisturize to create softer smoother skinJojoba, sunflower, sugar cane and maize smooth, soften and help prevent dehydration..


Eau Thermale Avène After-Sun Repair Creamy Gel, 13.52 fl. oz.

Light cream-gel formula provides a cooling effect to the skinCombination of ingredients rapidly absorbs for an instant cooling and moisturizing effectInstant relief for skin overexposed to the sun..


Eau Thermale Avène Antirougeurs Day Redness Relief Soothing SPF 25 Cream, 1.35 fl. oz.

Formulated with Avène Thermal spring waterRecommended by dermatologists worldwide..


Eau Thermale Avène Antirougeurs Dermo Cleansing Milk, 10.14 fl. oz.

Effectively removes impurities without irritationReduces tightening and discomfort of the skin for a beautifully calm finishAvene Thermal Spring Water provides soothing hydration and nourishes skin..


Eau Thermale Avène Body Oil, 6.76 fl. oz.

Helps restore the hydrolipidic film and prevents skin drynessRestores skin's softness, comfort and supplenessNon-greasy, silky texture penetrates rapidly into the skin..


Eau Thermale Avène Cicalfate Hand Cream, 3.3 fl. oz.

Restore and protect very dry and cracked handsAbsorbs rapidlyBecomes transparent when applied..


Eau Thermale Avène Cicalfate Post-Procedure Cream, 1.35 fl. oz.

Provides 6 hours of hydrationFacilitates skin recovery processPromotes and maintains a healthy healing environment..


Eau Thermale Avène Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream, 1.4 oz.

Technologically advanced skin restorative creamclinically proven to helps to speed the recovery processThe clinically proven formula also improves the appearance of scarring..